Can not retrieve voicemail

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I did the recent update on my Moto G Power and installed the new physical sim card.  Now I can not retrieve my voicemail.  I don't know why it is not like the old way where I press the play button to hear message.  It is asking for a password.  I never was prompted make a password for voicemail.  I have tried my log in password, I tried calling my own number.  Everything leads back to putting in the password that I never made. I tried to go to settings and find a solution there.  I just want to get voicemails the way I used to.  My husband did the same update and he has no issues.  I really need help soon.  I have missed an important call from doctor already.


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You will need to get a hold of customer service and see if they can help you get this issue fixed. On your account page before or after you sign in there is a little blue box in the bottom righthand corner of the screen, click on it, the chat box will open, make sure to type agent in the message box otherwise you will chat with a robot. It will put you in line on the chat.


You can also try messaging them on Facebook messenger or Twitter, both links/icons can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page.

Thank you for the suggestion.  It did help me to reach someone.  Unfortunately, there has been no help yet.  They said they were helping and I am still waiting.  You were helpful though.