Cannot retrieve voicemail

Novice II

I am posting this again since I have not been helped.   I reached out a few weeks ago.  Someone said they were checking in to it. I am still waiting. I did the recent update on my Moto G Power and installed the new physical sim card.  Now I can not retrieve my voicemail.  I don't know why it is not like the old way where I press the play button to hear message.  It is asking for a password.  I never was prompted make a password for voicemail.  I have tried my log in password, I tried calling my own number.  Everything leads back to putting in the password that I never made. I tried to go to settings and find a solution there.  I just want to get voicemails the way I used to.  My husband did the same update and he has no issues.  I really need help soon. Can ANYONE resolve this?



Try going to your Visible App and change your password to something you know. Failing that chat with customer service. You will get their bot ant first, ask for a live agent.

I finally reached customer service and the issue is resolved.  Thank you so much for your advice!