Can't Activate Apple Watch after port-out + port-in


I recently ported my iPhone 12 back to Visible after leaving for a bit to another carrier. And on my return I'm unable to activate my apple watch 6 which was activate on Visible prior to porting out.


1. Getting the "Something went wrong" error when I try to self-activate my via the watch app

2. My previous port-in for my phone and watch to visible were done on a different email address

3. I had support remove my watch line from my account prior to porting out.

*Troubleshooting steps*

1. Wiped watch and setup from scratch

2. Cleared/Removed all esim profiles from watch

3. Had support try to add my watch manually via attaching my watches IMEI directly  to my account.

I've already opened a few technical cases with Visible Support and the first one was promptly closed the next day stating my watch was not compatible with Visible? And the 2nd case I keep getting emails from support saying they are still working on the issue, but it has been 5 days without resolution.

I'm open to suggestions, thanks in advance.