Unlocked Verizon S20 FE IMEI not compatible


Got a Verizon Unlocked Samsung S20 FE from Ebay. I entered the IMEI on the visible website multiple times to check compatibility and apparently it doesn't work with Visible. I thought Visible Wireless was part of Verizon.



Visible is owned by Verizon but that doesn't means all phones are cross compatible.


This issue has come up a couple times, with phones thought to be compatible based on model only to be found not compatible when entering the IMEI on the website.


Couple things:


1) Since it was an ebay purchase, are you sure the phone was not reported stolen thus locked?

2) Some providers lock phones for a certain timeframe after purchase to prevent purchasing phones at a special price to just resale. Have you confirmed it is unlocked with Verizon?

3) Check with support via the chat function.  Some have reported that after checking with chat the phone suddenly became compatible. https://www.visible.com/help/connect/ <-- Chat with us tile.



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