Can't get phone calls


I was about to return my new phone on my new Visible account because it would not stay connected to Verizon or Visible and I couldn't make/take phone calls.  I discovered that my Wi-Fi was causing some weird conflict and as long as I don't use it on the phone, I have 



This happened to me as well. I needed the wi-fi to set up but my phone couldn't activate the e sim. I was on the support line for 90 minutes the first time ...then 3 hrs the second time. The person promised someone would contact me with in 4 hrs...yeah. That never happened and my e sim never activated. At one point it did and I had to chat to help set up my voicemail (which wasn't being cooperative -that was the 3 hr call). At the end the e sim was not connected again. I was frustrated and exhausted.
I'm a shrink and NOT having a phone for 72 hrs(the upper length of time it would take for anyone to contact me according to the individual on the chat-oh they refused to CALL me bc they wanted me to be on a different phone. I know this sounds so cheap...but I ONLY HAVE ONE PHONE! And w/covid (I'm still locked down)I can't pop over to a neighbor.

Long/short...I tried to activated the e sim about 8 times. I gave up...ate the $30 and moved to mint. I didn't want to go there bc you have to pay upfront for 3-12 months. But they had PEOPLE that answered the phones and walked me through stuff. I think it will cost more, but not massively. BUT I feel for me, I like having a human talking me through stuff. It took SO long to get responses on chat...
I've read a few "angry customers" on visible here...I wish I had researched it more carefully -I did a 10 min dive...obv not enough. So...good luck. I still don't know what was up with my WI-FI- I couldn't access the visible network, but when I turned wi-fi was crickets.
Good luck, hope things are better for you now!