Issue with credit card processing


Wondering if anyone has had issues placing orders this month with Visible? I have order last year no issues for our trip to the US and trying to do it again but cant get pass credit card payment stage. Its trys to process than cancels the order and wipes out the shopping cart so you need to start again, I tried different credit cards, clearing cache and cookies, incognito mode, ordering from the web and the app, even creating a new account. I live in Canada so I even tried using a VPN to see if that would help. Support has escalated a case but I am running out of things to try.


Intermediate III

Only thing I can think of to try would be PayPal as form of payment. It may be detecting the card or cards being used are Canadian but not sure. Other option would be if your are visiting someone in the US maybe have them order your card for you, you are not charged until it is activated. They do have to be present when the card arrives to sign for it, the card is shipped and arrives in one to two business days. Then just pay the person the fee. Also, make sure and grab someone Friends and family referral code from the Savings spot here and get $20 off your first month.


Same thing is happening to me in the U S. When I get to payment (tried different CC's a pop up says "error" and tells me to edit my payment. When I click on the payment edit, the software erases my entire order!!!


Same for me from the UK. what have they got against visitors?