Carrier eligibility


Boost Mobile is listed as an eligible carrier. But when I try to check out it is not on the drop-down list and therefore makes me ineligible for the gift card. Am I doing something wrong?



Even when I signed up for Visible over a year ago, the dropdown menu to select your carrier was messed up, showing some options twice, and the option you select not even being the one that it shows you when you finish the sign up process. Didn't seem to be a problem though.

You might want to try an alternative way of signing up if it's an issue though (i.e. the mobile app vs the website).


There have been a lot of threads about people not getting there gift cards. If you are doing the BYOD that is a misconception that Visible gives a gift for that offer, well they don't, so don't believe it. Even if you buy a phone to get the gift card make sure and copy the gift card promo information because there have been a lot of gift card denials with Visible saying there was no promo at the time those people ported in.


If Boost Mobile is not on the list maybe send Visible a message via Twitter DM or Facebook messenger(both of the links can be found bottom right corner of this page) and maybe they will fix it.


Good luck!