Connection issues... question

Novice III

New to visible wireless and was quite happy with the service in my area for the past couple of weeks.  But, on the first trip back in to the office last week, I noted terrible data speeds (<0.1 Mbps up or down).  Could barely conduct a google search, certainly nothing with photos, audio, or video.  I noticed walking down the street a few minutes that there was a clear boundary where the phone would pick up a new tower (data back between 20 and 50 Mbps).  Wondering whether this was a case of tower congestion/deprioritization or some maintenance issue with the slow tower, I tried to reach out to chat to see if anything could be done.  BIG MISTAKE.


The chat agent ran me through a troubleshooting session: confirm a bit of info, toggle airplane mode, and finally reset network settings and remove/reinstall SIM card, which would be 'repro'ed.  Either the 'repro' didn't quite work with the extremely limited data or somewhere along the way, configurations were changed on the network end because the end result of all of this is I now have no data , no incoming or outgoing voice calls, and limited texting.  It's not only limited to the slow tower- the lack of connection is everywhere. 


My phone still indicates a strong LTE signal just about everywhere except any attempt at calling throws up a lack of connection error (even on wifi), all websites (except for google search results -or- the visible website) time out or throw up other error messages, many texts do not send.


I've tried a couple of other chat sessions to resolve or reset again in a location that has a signal, but because my case has been 'escalated', one agent did not want to assist, and another merely ran me through the same resetting steps.


Anyone gotten partially disconnected from the network and have tips for getting back on? 


Novice II

Sometimes rebooting my phone helps.

Novice III

Unfortunately rebooting, toggling on/off airplane mode don't do anything for this particular problem.  It seems like I'm stuck in the 'captive data portal's described here: 

I can only browse google and visible sites.  It's as if the network doesn't know my phone has been fully activated.

Novice III

Chatted with another agent today.  He said he'd have a specialist call within 2 hours after I pointed out how ridiculous it is to wait days for a reconnection of my service while my case is escalated following their goof up.  It's been 5 hours, no call.  (And, recognizing that my Visible 'phone' is not currently a phone, I gave an alternate landline #).


This is 24/7 service?

Dear Visible moderators, it would be nice if you DM'd Viznoob to help get his issue solved. It sounds like tech support is currently dropping the ball.

If a post has solved your problem, please mark it as an acceptable solution, it helps others that may have experienced a similar issue get a quick resolution.

Novice III

Daily update: reached out via chat again last night to see why they stood me up on the call.  I was told the file said I could not be reached.  Calling shenanigans on this one- I was in fact sitting within 2 feet of the landline phone throughout the time they said they'd call, and the call log does not show any missed calls.  The agent was very nice and scheduled a call this AM.


This AM, the agent called my landline right on schedule and explained that in my initial service inquiry, they had tried to reprovision my SIM, but it got stuck, so an escalation request was made.  Usually take 24 to 48 hours (meaning it should be fixed by now), but that team is currently very backlogged so things are taking longer.  Interestingly, various chat agents along the way have been less than honest about this failed reprovisioning- one told me that no changes had been made on their end, another told me they were resetting my SIM then (apparently impossible since today's guy indicated once the repro failed and it was escalated, that option would be greyed out as inaccessible on their screen).


  I don't get it.  It took them all of 5 minutes to totally botch my connection, but it takes days of no service before they fix it.  Maybe I don't understand the complexities here, but if we're prioritizing tasks in the queue, it seems like a 5 minute reset connection to address a total lack of service for days should take priority over more time intensive projects that deal with smaller service shortcomings. The agent claimed he would try to get this case 'internal visibility', (but called it a long shot) and would call again tomorrow.  Otherwise guess I'm stuck until the specialist backlog clears.  On the plus side, the last couple of agents were pleasant to deal with and did give me a bit of insight into this problem.... But, assuming this gets sorted I hope to never need to use customer service again.


I understand it is frustrating not having service, here is what I would suggest:


-I see someone above mentioned having a board moderator escalate this. That would help.


-If you are patient, I believe the Visible techs will make it right with you. I would request a credit for time I was unable to use the phone.


-I would reach out on social media once to twice a day until this is resolved, asking for an update, requesting that the matter be escalated.


Everything you saying is valid, and I empathize with your frustration. Stay cool, keep following up, and Visible tech will get this solved. 


I really do want Visible service to work it out.

Novice III

Today's update.  When the chat agent who I talked to yesterday didn't call again today (as he indicated he would) to report the status of my 'escalation', I filed an FCC complaint.  Others appear to have had some success with this process.  Tomorrow will be a full work week with absolutely no service and no attempts by Visible to resolve this issue (which they created).

Novice III

Today's update- day 5 of the 24 to 48 hour service period.  When I chatted yesterday for an update on the status of my 'escalation', the agent was useless as usual (and tried  to suggest that since this is a network problem, the 24 to 48 hour period for service I've been hearing since Monday is now a 3 to 5 day period- a new strategy to buy time for them).  Except when I asked (again) how to speak to a supervisor, he claimed it could be done via social media (but not chat).  Since I don't have (and cannot get without operating phone #) Twitter, I reached out to the Visible cares team via FB.  They were superficially nice, as per usual, and said they would indeed have a supervisor call my landline in a few hours.


Someone did indeed call.  When I asked he did represent himself as a supervisor handling my case.  However, I highly doubt it- his patter was the same as all of the frontline chat agents.  He said the team had been "investigating it, but we need 24 more hours."  I suggested that resetting my SIM looked to be a 5 minute fix at most (he agreed), so I pressed him on what he'd investigated Monday (no response), Tuesday (same), Wednesday (same), or Thursday (same).  I pressed for a faster resolution that the claimed 24 hours, so he promised to work on it and call me back personally within 3 hours.  I shuffled evening plans and made sure my landline was nearby so I would not miss the call.  He never called.  (for those keeping score, Visible employees have kept their word on scheduled calls 2 out of 5 times for me this week).  I followed up with the FB message team to report how my "supervisor" call went.  No response (although FB indicated they were online and 'usually responds within minutes').


This morning, in addition to an email from the FCC indicating they'd served my complaint on Visible, I received an email from the Visible Executive Response Team (coincidental timing, who knows).  Anyway, the ERT claims to be working on it.  I am tentatively hopeful that something gets done today.

Novice III

Final update (hopefully)- The ERT email had indicated they were focusing on resolving my 'slow data issues'- I responded to clarify that those issues were limited to a single location, but since the chat team's initial involvement my primary concern is a no service problem.  Within 2 minutes I got an email back asking me to restart my phone and report back.


Success- phone is back on the network.   Given how quickly that happened, I'm guessing they simply reset the SIM again on their end (like I've been asking anyone who listened since Monday).  How this can take a week to accomplish through multiple chat agents, social media, the FCC and the ERT is a total mystery to me.  Visible has some serious customer service problems. 


My take away is if you can troubleshoot on your own with online guides etc. don't even bother with the chat customer service- that's all they're empowered to do.  If the problem is such that a basic level of troubleshooting won't fix it, time for a new carrier, it's not worth the headache and time suck of dealing with Visible customer service.