Customer support phone number?


Is there no way to talk to this company on the phone?!  I need help.  I'm thinking I made a big mistake. 


Intermediate II

That’s one of the reasons for the pricing—there is no call center and no stores. Your contact options are to use the “chat” feature, or try contacting through the company’s twittter or Facebook messenger.  

Don't EVER go with VISIBLE!! I am handicapped, and I need my phone for health records as well as phone use. It is the WORST PIECE OF CRAP SERVICE I HAVE EVER USED!!!! I had to buy a new phone from them , as my phone I originally set it up on, new, two years ago, WASN'T compatible anymore! I bought a Samsung 23 Ultra, and I received it over a week ago. When I bought my first phone. It was already set. This phone, IO have to be a computer expert, go into all kinds of programs to redo, AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK RIGHT! I CHATTED ON LINE FOR FOUR DAYS!! That chat FINALLY sent me to a live agent. She tried to set it up, and told me if I STILL had a problem, to get back on chat, and send them a code for my problem. I HAVE COME BACK TO CHAT SEVERAL TIMES BECAUSE IT STILL DOESN'T WORK, AND NO ONE WILL DIRECT ME TO LIVE CHAT!! I AM GOING TO MY LAWYER TO SUE THEM! NOT HAVING A WAY FOR A HANDICAPPED PERSON TO USE THEIR SERVICES IS ILLEGAL! DO NOT, UNDER ANY SITUATION, GET THIS SERVICE! IT IS HORRIBLE!!!!!