Dashes are not allowed in email addresses?


I've convinced my business partners to switch to Visible for phone service but discovered that our email addresses, which contains a dash, are coming up as an invalid format.  I tried without the dash and it accepted it (however it isn't a real email address), so I'm pretty sure that's the problem.  Why is a dash an illegal character?  They were already hesitant about switching and now I have to tell them to create a totally new email address that they won't check just to create an account?


Can this be fixed so dashes can be used in email?  Makes no sense.



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After doing some research it appears that a dash is legit.  There are a lot of special characters that are not allowed.   So Visible should consider this issue as a bug in my opinion.




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Have you contacted Visible directly through chat. Maybe they can either explain the issue or set up an account for you manually.  Could be worth a try.


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Did you get a resolution to this??


I have had 4 Visible accounts for several years and all of them have a dash in the email address.  Now I can't log into any of the accounts


I have a similar issue, my email address domain has a number in it and it does not let me register.  The Chat AI & rep cant help I need someone to help me register.  


And more - the system did let me register for this Community using that same email address, but I cant register for the actual service with it.  Aint that soimehting!