Delete Visual Voicemail


I just moved from Verizon Wireless to Visible.  I am getting the unresolving Visual Voicemail error message:

                   "Setting up Visual Voicemail. Please wait..."


I spent too much time on Visible chats today trying to kill this app, but to no avail.  The only way that I have found to eliminate this app previously was to call Verizon directly.  There are several Verizon Community posts regarding this issue.  All resolutions seem to end up directly with Verizon tech support.  How can I kill this app through Visible?  The app does not appear in any of the Settings.



Intermediate III

if it's a "bloatware" type app installed by VZW, it might not be that easy to remove without rooting. 


What app is it? The default VZW voicemail app? 

Intermediate III

If you are using Android, you can go to settings and then Apps and search all the built-in apps and from there you can disable this app.