Do i have to upgrade ?


I have an expensive phone that has 5g and volte. It has been on visible for a long time at least a year or more and working fine. I am not very tech savy and everytime i change phones i lose something. I did have a phone labled compatible with visible but according to my neighbor had a weak antenna and didnt work all over my home because i live in the woods . He took my sim card out and put it in this phone that says incompatible but has worked great with visible all over my home for a year or more. I received a letter and email saying my phone was incompatible and i had to upgrade.


My phone is still working and i trust and like this phone are they going to cut it off or is this just because it says incompatible in their system and it will continue to work?  Please tell me i can just ignore the letter and my phone will still continue to work. this elderly person doesnt want to have to learn a new phone or lose data or end up not getting a good connection out her . Plus i cant afford a new phone and the free one offered isnt as good as mine. one plus 7 pro






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Yes, at some point you will have to upgrade. Visible has not set a date on when the old system will be shut down. Some phones that show not compatible have worked on the new system but that doesn't mean yours will as your phone is a 2019 model. One thing to do would be to just accept the new phone, when it arrives activate the card in it and once the new SIM is activated you can try and move it to your phone a see if it still works. Not going to guarantee it will work though and you might be stuck using the new phone. You can get some help and back up all your things to Google and it will transfer that way over to the new phone, you just need someone that can help you with that that knows how it works so you are not left hanging.


You can ignore the emails/letters for the time being until Visible announces the shut down date, once it is announced you would need to upgrade, if you don't you would lose service. Only other option would be to find another carrier to move to that allows you to use that phone. Good luck!