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I do not understand why Visible would allow you to change your email address. But the email change does not go into effect for 30 days.  I recently changed the email address on the account but had killed the old email account with the provider before realizing this condition. Of ALL the accounts I have ever had through out the years I have never heard of such actions by a company.


Visible your price may be great whoever is making some of these account decisions needs to rethink there actions. What in the world makes you think that someone would change there email address and wants to use the old address for 30 more days. If I move and drop my COX internet account, the email tied to the account it is dead the second I close the internet account, OMG please rethink your policy's.



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Superuser Founder

The only reason i can think it because this is the main identifier of the account, they want to make sure time is there for the change to propagate all the systems, and to limit people changing email addresses frequently.


However without explanation 30 days does seem excessive, maybe post this to the feedback section of the forum rather than the help section to get a better response?

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I bet this 30 days period wouldnt be needed if 2FA is in place. I brought this idea to Visible. Hope they listen to users and implement soon.


Please kudo this idea so that visible implements it on priority.

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Visible support is horrible all they give me is the run around stating I cannot reuse an email address I used 6 months ago. It takes 30 minutes just to get in to chat in off hours.

 Multiple techs tell me I can reuse an mail address. When moved to Tier 2 support and they are overwhelmed in their (recent roll out of the 30.00 and 45.00 plans) they send this crap out.

"We understand that you are trying to add, to this account, an email address that used to be associated with a terminated Visible account. We are unable to remove any email address from our database or clear it for use. We kindly advise using a different email address."

Sure I want 3000 email addresses to manage and the account is not TERMINATED, I left Visible willingly.

Visible get your support together if you want to run with the BIG dogs. If cannot support your customer base then quit and give support back to Verizon where things are SUPERIOR by miles.