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I noticed there were a lot of people who were having issues with Email Verification and I wanted to bring this to Visible's attention.


I use an email provider called "ProtonMail" and their client is really good at identifying emails that aren't sent correctly.

ProtonMail identifies that the email address doesn't pass the authentication requirements of the domain. This should ideally be fixed. Why?


Anyone can fake an email. I could send an email pretending to be anyone I want, and these verification requirements are the only things that really ground an email to reality. I had to get my confirmation email out of my spam folder originally, because ProtonMail rightfully flagged the email as being suspicious due to not being verifiable.


Just passing along some feedback to help you guys out ❤️


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If you don't receive the  verification email or having problem with verifying, please reach out to community @ visible .com  and they will verify your account. 

The point of this thread is "hey visible people's email clients can't verify the community forums emails are actually from visible because you misconfigured something".


I clearly say I got the email just fine in the post. I'm pointing out something to visible. You have the right spirit but please don't reply to posts without reading what they say. That's going to be more frustrating that helpful to many people.

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I had to try multiple time with multiple different email address's and finally got an email verification show up in one of my spam folders. I guess sometimes it takes a few tries ?

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Proton Email is garbage.  I've tried it... twice.  😞   
Maybe it identifies this.. but their interface is extremely "painful" to use and you are limited with everything.  It isn't worth the hassle.


Also, I had a visible account for over a year.  I tried 6 different email addresses, all from "respectable" known providers... never got a verification email.    I'm trying again with a new account.    Not good, so far.


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