Endless Loops


What attracted us was the potential to save significantly with Visible over its owner Verizon for two lines.  The difficulties in switching were profound from obtaining a new PIN to being trapped in loops between Visible and Verizon attempting to negotiate directions written in deadly prose not understandable to satisfy both.  Hours were wasted.  We cancelled Visible even losing $50 paid for service we were unable to use or complete activation. 

For dinosaurs like us, Verizon ought to authorize its stores to assist customers.  Or, simply make it easier for dinosaurs.  


Novice II

Ports from between Visible and Verizon can be difficult since they're basically the same carrier. I've heard that they are sometimes considered "migrations" rather than ports. Due to this you have to call the Verizon port department and specifically ask them to help migrate your number to Visible. If you wanna try Visible again, you should first port out of Verizon to a different prepaid carrier. I'd recommend Mint mobile because they offer refunds. It'll be easier to port your number to Mint and then port again to Visible.

Thanx jmaz.  What ought to be a simple “migration” or transfer appears to be made difficult to discourage the change. I’m planning another sally shortly without cancelling Verizon in the hope some techie is reading the community board.