Esim failure


So far not going well. Three phones unable to activate with esim. After hours of re-installing and resetting the phones gave up and ordered physical sim cards. Now two days(?) of no phones. Hope there is no emergency. Back to the 80's. All iphone 11. Do yourself a favor and forego the esim.  I am coming from Verizon so this should not be sure a hassle.    


Intermediate III

What's the point of eSim you have to be connected to WiFi and it has to be downloaded in the phone, it's much easier a physical SIM you just pop it in and your up and running, so many technical issues could happen when doing eSim 


I'm upgrading from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 14, which only has eSIM.  I am watching these threads with great interest.


Okay, you can call me what you want if you like but the only issue with the e-sim is no one nor anytime during the set up does it say to remove the verizon sim after activation. Spent 8 hours talking to customer service(?) never once did they mention this even after multiple screen shots of the about. I reloaded the esim went through the process and when it said to restart the phone removed the old sim and boom everything worked.   So there you have it. Haven't received the physical sim with no idea when it will arrive. I would have been without service until then unless I played detective and figured it out.