From Party Pay to Visible + eSim nightmare


Tried activating my Visible + service on my Iphone 12 Pro.  In the activation process, the last 6 of my IMEI that the app shows is correct.  The device, however, show that the IMEI belongs to a Iphone 7.  Have had @VisibleCares go back and forth with me with no resolution.  It has been sent to the "next level" team.  The first time, they sent an email saying they fixed the issue.  They did not.  The second time, they sent an email saying there was no issue and they were closing the case.  That was incorrect.  I still had the same issue and could not activate my phone.  Now we are on try #3.  This has been going on since Wednesday that I have not had cell service.  This is insanely frustrating.