Galaxy S20 and dropped calls


I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 model. In the last couple of months, I can be anywhere with full service, and the phone will drop a call, won’t let me call out, won’t send texts. I have to restart the phone every time, which has become a daily thing. Has anyone else experienced this? Were you able to resolve it without changing carriers?


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Resetting the network settings, if you haven't done yet, you probably did so the only solution is to change carrier 

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Are you still on the older $25 cloud based plan? Might try the new $30 plan.

I am on the $40 Visible Unlimited. Think I should switch to the $30?

You can still join a party it will lower your Bill to $25

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My S20 also drops calls on the $40 plan.  Still hesitating on changing to the newer plans or going elsewhere.  I was on T-Mobile Magenta previously and when it works, Visible isn't much worse.


I have an S20 FE and it's been happening to me since day 1.  I've been meaning to try another service as a troubleshooting step but haven't come across any deals lately.  Is there a way to "Pause" Visible service?  I'm still on the OG $25 party plan but don't see why that would make any difference.  Data always seems to work fine.  Sometimes switching to airplane mode for 10 seconds or so resolved the problem (temporarily obviously) and other times it requires a phone reboot.  Very frustrating when I'm on the (rare) important call.  


Had this issue since day 1 with my Samsung S20 FE.  Very annoying when it happens when I'm on the (rare) important call.