Galaxy S24 and S23


Looking at the S24 and S23. Is there any difference besides the year? The S23 has 256 and the 24 is only coming with 128 from Visible.


I was checking out Samsung phones and the S24. Not sure all the differences between the two but the biggest one is OS and security updates. The S23 get 4 OS updates and 5 years of security updates while the S24 gets 7 years of both. You would have to go to Samsung and see what the other differences are but if I recall they are quite similar otherwise. The reason I was looking at updating a phone already is my 2 year Motorola is done getting security updates but the phone is in perfect condition though so telling myself I don't need a new one yet.


I would maybe check out Samsung and consider buying an unlocked from there. I have a 3 year old phone that is not compatible with Visible that is in great shape but it doesn't get updates anymore and Samsung will give me $100 toward a plain S24 where Visible will give me maybe $10 but the phone isn't listed because of the smaller storage it has.

I saw that as well. I have an old A42 that is getting crazy. Texting and calling by itself! Had techs look at it but no help. I like the 24 but I'm also going to keep my old phone for a music player. I'm also going to learn how to transfer my stuff from the old phone to new. I miss my old Nokia flip!

It's funny you mention a flip phone, my friend will only use that style. He even had to upgrade a while back when I think they got rig of 3G or maybe 2G(if that sounds right). I am somewhat new to smartphones as I have only had a cellphone of any kind coming up on 3 years, since I had retired. Wished I would have done a lot more research, I grabbed a Motorola and wished I would have spent a little more and got a Pixel or maybe even Samsung that had better update policy. Visible upgraded the system in September 2022 and made my year old phone not compatible and not doing enough research again just bought another cheap Motorola. My mistake, now my next one will not quite be top of the line but will spend a little more that what I have in a couple years or so and get something that has better support.