Has anyone tried a Razr 2019?


I know it's a Verizon exclusive and only has esim, but just wondering if anyone has gotten it to work? 


Any Motorola dated prior 2022 will not pass the IMEI compatibility checker, I know because I have a 2021 model Motorola phone I bought from Visible and it shows not compatible. If it is eSIM only you would never get it to work with Visible because to get eSIM the IMEI number needs to pass the compatibility checker. Even if it had a SIM tray you would have to trick the system to get a card sent to you, then getting it to actually work is a totally different story since it is from 2019.


One thing to point out about Motorola phones and Visible. Motorola makes phones for Visible that have unique model numbers to these phones. You can buy a phone that Visible sells but it won't pass the IMEI checker to get a SIM or even be able to do eSIM. I know this for a fact because of the conversations I had with Visible and Motorola about these so called noncompatible phones. This does not mean the phone won't work on Visible. But getting a 2019 Motorola phone to work is slim to none and if you did manage to activate it the phone would likely have a number of issues from no data, to texting, not being able to do wi-fi calling and not being able to hotspot are a number of issues reported on pre 2021 models. Even though my 2021 model shows not compatible it actually does work on Visible without issue.