Getting Surface Duo working on Visible



Has anybody successfully got a Surface Duo 2 to work on Visible Wireless? Even just internet is fine with me. I can use Google Voice for talk/text. I have my SD2 rooted and have been trying different APN settings around the internet and nothing has been working. Is there something else I have to do? Thanks in advance!


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Hi cephasara. The solution could be as simple as just using your phone as a hot spot and connecting your Surface Duo to the hotspot via WiFi. I believe that Visible’s official policy is that their service is intended for use on phones only, although I have seen some posts where other users have tried to use a Visoble SIM on another device. You might just want to each out to customer support via the chat function in the Visible app, which you can access by clicking on the ? symbol. Best of luck to you!

Thank you for your response. 


The Surface Duo is a phone. It's a dual screen phone. I'm not talking about the Surface Pro.


What I don't get is why Visible doesn't post their APN settings on their website. Many other mobile carriers do so.

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Sorry about that. I guess I was thinking of the Surface Pro. Hope you are able to resolve the situation, and best of luck.