How to add APNs?


I have the same issue many users here have: cannot receive MMS images. I'd love to try the additional APNs that have worked for many, but on my APN screen there isn't any way to add them (already has vzwinternet). Any ideas?

It's a Pixel 6a brand new bought from Visible and has never been on any other system or plan. From day 1 unable to receive MMS. And every day I get an email telling me my case is still open and I should power cycle my phone. No change. Ever. And no new info...


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Are you using the messaging app that came with the phone? 


I had a problem last spring that all of a sudden I couldn't receive group texts and it wouldn't display the user who sent the text just the phone number. I went to Google Play store and downloaded the Verizon Messages app and that fixed my texting issues. I am unsure if it will fix you MMS image issues though but maybe worth a shot.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I did indeed try Messages, Message+, and Yatta. They all showed the same behavior.

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