The phone says "Visible", but will it work with Visible?


This sounds like a ridiculous question (I'm not allowed to say d*mb?). But get this. I bought a Visible-branded phone. Says "v·s·ble" right on the phone. It's a Z5151V. Build number for the OS is z5151VSBLV2.0.0B05. This phone was made for Visible. But when I try the IMEI in Visible's system, it tells me the phone is not compatible. What gives? Is this going to work or not?

It came with a Visible SIM, and I have one of my own as well. I have not signed up for service yet, or tried to activate, but I expect to at least see the phone connecting to a network. Instead I see empty bars and an X. I took a look at the APNs, and all I see is VSBLINTERNET. I think there are supposed to be two others in there, but the system won't let me add them.

I'm getting worried now. I'm worried that this won't work. I want to get on the Visible train, but I see it leaving without me. Please, can anyone give me any advice? What do I do, friends?



Tough question. Phones that work under the old $25 or $45 plans are not necessarily compatible with the new plan $30 or $45 plans. Test the IMEI # with the on-line Visible compatibility checker.

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If it is from 2018 when Visible first started it might not be compatible because it might not have the correct software installed. If you didn't buy it from Visible and someone else did the IMEI is tied to them and maybe locked to them is another possibility. You could trade it in for a current Visible Midnight phone for free I think if that kind of phone is all you need. The phone you get from Visible should be compatible with the new plans.


The deal with the APN's on Visible from what I can tell or understand is they are locked by the SIM card. My phone that is still on the old plan only has one shows the same VSBLINTERNET. It can't be changed as everything is locked out.