How to make Samsung A32 works with Visible Wireless

Novice II

I got brand new Samsung A32, Five G Unlocked that I want to use with my visible service. My current Samsung A20 works just fine with visible, but when I tried my sim card with A32, it doesn't work. 

I have tried to change the APN settings for the phone but still not working. 

This phone A32 is unlocked and works with all other carriers including version. I don't understand why it doesn't work with visible. Do you know how to make it work with visible? Your help is appreciated. Thank you


Even it works with Verizon visible could block the phone from being activated on visible 


Does the A32 pass the Visible IMEI check?

I tried the a32  5 g and it didn't pass its ridiculous, by the way its a good phone and affordable 

No, it doesn't. However my current phone Samsung A20 unlocked which still works just fine with visible had never passed the IMEI check before. So, not passing that check doesn't mean it is not compatible with visible. Remember for the last few years all the phone are compatible with all carriers if they are unlocked.