I am totally locked out and have no phone service


I signed up for a Visible account, and was billed, then ported my number out of Verizon, which has now been deactivated. After supposedly successful port, the Verizon pSIM was still showing the old number and the Visible eSIM was showing the original trial number from Visible. I restarted a few times and even shut down the phone and removed the Verizon pSIM, and the eSIM is still the wrong number. I have not been able to make phone calls since the port happened yesterday. What can I do?


I am trying to get into my Visible account, but, since the port, it is trying to redo the two-factor authentication with the ported number, which of course does not work. I can't get to the chatbot on the web site or the app. I do not have FaceBook or X, and now one can pay me enough to join either of those platforms.

iPhone 13 Pro Max that I got directly from Apple and is fully paid off and unlocked:
iOS version 17.1.2