I have you all beat! Worse experience ever


So I think in terms of visible experiences that are the worst, I can beat everyone here. I have been trying to add my Apple Watch to my account and have it work properly on cellular for a month and a half. What’s interesting is the “technical team” comes up with the same solutions over and over and over again. At this point it’s comical. They have not given me any real solutions. 


I’m convinced that visible’s technical department is run by kindergartners. I’ve tried to get in touch with an American supervisor or an American technician to no avail. I think the current team just reads from a manual and they’ve reached the end of it, so they just go back to the beginning and start over lol. 


I believe today marks day 46 that my Apple Watch still does not connect to my account and still does not have cellular. At this point, I have no hope of my Apple Watch actually working on Visible’s network.

Apple Watch Ultra #worseserviceever #amateurhour #justuseverizon


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Did you find a fix for your issue with Apple Watch?