I want to move from Mint Mobile to Visible.


It is an iPhone 14 Pro purchased at the Korean Apple Store, but it does not pass the IMEI check. Please solve it. And, I want to open with ESIM.


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You have come to the wrong place, we are a peer to peer forum and not customer service. You will need to contact customer service via chat, Twitter message or Facebook messenger. I would suggest the latter as it has been the fastest for me. Chat you will need to ask for a live agent and do it on a laptop or desktop computer on the website. I would not contact CS via chat on the app or you will just get timed out and booted. Make sure to ask for a live agent.


Also, I just checked today and if I select iPhone and under model select iPhone 14  it doesn't ask me for an IMEI number it tells me my phone is compatible. One other thing, is the phone usable in the US market, if it was bought in Korea it likely won't work here but I could be wrong.

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On the BYOD page, select iPhone 13, and then Verizon. On the next screen select the option "Get SIM kit by mail." Once you receive the SIM, pop it into your device.


All iPhones 14s marketed and sold in the United States only have eSIM as there is no physical SIM slot. The IMEI database only has the IMEIs for devices sold in the United States, so your iPhone would not work with eSIM.