I just purchased a new unlocked Pixel 7a from the Google store for my wife, its is set up and working on Fi Wireless but I need to change provider because I have very poor reception where I live, other than WIFI. The new provider I want to switch to is Visible by Verizon. They have an app that checks your IMEI to see if the phone is compatible, I have tried both IMEIs from my Pixel 7a and it tells me they are not compatible? Can you help me understand the issue.

Thanks Chris



Hi Chris77, that is an issue that others have reported as well.  It seems that Visible is slow to load the new IMEIs in their system.

In terms of a solution, you have a couple of options:
1. Use another older Android phone where the IMEI works and then switch the physical SIM card over to your new phone and it will work fine.

2. Contact Visible Customer Care over chat and ask them for assistance.  They should be able to assist you getting past this hurdle.

I'm confident the Pixel 7a is supported as I have the Pixel 7 and I have used it on the Visible network without issue.

Welcome to the Visible family.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.  If this reply answered your question, please mark as a solution so others may benefit.

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