Address field on Account and address field to FedEx is not the same


As the title reads, I tried to order a new SIM with Visible.

Today is supposed delivery of the SIM from FedEx. But it didnt arrive, as the address second line is truncated and not populated to the FedEx label.

(I wonder how this is passed without testing)


Anyway, I thought to edit the address line 1 to include apartment number, Visible now forces me to accept the suggested address (no way for the user to override the system)


Visible customer representatives weren't able to help me here. They say that they cant change it.

How I can migrate to the new plan? Tell me Visible. 

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Hi @upstate-SC, do you know if your phone supports eSIM?  I'd recommend this option as you no longer have to deal with a physical SIM.  While you can't just pop it out and stick it in another phone, you no longer have to remove the case to get to the case and customer service won't ask you to go through the silly task of removing your tray and reinserting it again.

If that option does not work, do you have another address (such as your office) that you could get the SIM card shipped to?

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