ISO Clarification About Visible Terms and Customer Support


Amazon is offering unlocked Moto G Power phones for less than Visible.


This phone would not have a phone number.


It isn't clear if I would qualify for any of the deals--like the current offer of 15$/month for the Basic plan--unless I transfer an existing phone number to Visible.


Looking for clarification, but I also can't find a human support phone out email, only the automated chat.


Does Visible have customer service?


Can I get the 15$/month offer of I bring in a "blank" unlocked phone??


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Visible does not have an email address or a phone number to contact. Your option to get a hold of them are chat which you need to ask for a live agent and wait for an hour maybe more in line, Twitter messaging which I found to be useless for me, and Facebook messenger. The latter for me is the best option. Links/icons can be found in the bottom right hand corner of this page.


I have a G Power(2021) and it works on the old plan but it is not compatible with the new plans and I bought it here. With that said I now would not recommend a Motorola phone to anyone because you will only get one OS system update which means the 2021 model runs Android 10 so 11 is it, 2022 runs Android 11 and 12 is it, Android 13 is out now but you can't skip. You will also only get 2 years of security updates which means the 2022 model is done at the end of this year getting those updates. I would suggest looking for a Pixel or Samsung phone they get more Android updates and up to 5 years of security updates.


Also, if you buy an unlocked phone from Amazon or anywhere else there is a 75% chance the IMEI number will show as not compatible with Visible. 


You have to port in a number to be eligible for the $15 off for a year deal.