Porting in from Mint, not a fun time!


Here's the short story

I have been trying for days to get my number ported from my old phone with mint to my new phone with visible. 


I gave visible the account number, pin, and zip code. To no avail and with contacting multiple agents, my number is still not ported. 


I was told by an agent 2 days ago that my case was escalated and that they are working with the mint team to port my number. I am paying for service with visible right now when I can't use it. I still need to carry my old phone to make and receive calls.


I feel like this is an overly complicated process and is not as simple as the video makes it seem. Am i doing something wrong? 


Novice III



Porting is a complicated process. However, you can make go smoothly by ensuring that you have the correct port out information as incorrect details such as the pin will only delay your transfer.