Incoming call not working -_-


Hi y’all, I’m writing to join in the crowd of people that just activate the service today. I got everything with the exception of incoming calls. Any suggestions so far? I was thinking about ask to remove the spam block, that is locked on enabled from the app and website account manager, maybe can help. Who knows… 

rating to visible so far? -10…


Novice II

I activated yesterday and I got the same situation. There are quite a few people here that have the same problem. Some have waited in line for chat and someone has said that it is a problem on the network. Hopefully they will get it straightened out soon !

Novice III

I updated to the new version of the app that was released today, then I removed the old esim and got a new one form the app. after a few minutes i was able to receive calls. 


thank goodness.


Update, now the service seems work. I don’t know if my ticket with assistance worked or not but I can report that the incoming calls are working. We’ll see how it goes

Mine seems to be working fine also but all I ever did was to read these forum posts while waiting for them to come up with a fix. I guess with such a widespread problem they knew it was on their end and got it fixed without having to go individually for a fix. From what I have read in some of the posts a lot of people had long wait times for customer support that didn't help.