International calling to India Visible plus

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Hi. I ported to Visible yesterday as my previous carrier didn’t have esim option and I am already in doubt if I have made the right decision. 
I have the Visible plus plan which gives 500 mins of International calling to few countries per month. But when I try to call to India, it gives me announcement 906 and says that long distance international calling is not available for my plan. I have followed their instruction to add 011 before the country code. Nothing works. 

Their chat service is also very bad as I am in waiting queue since yesterday. It’s more than 12 hours and still waiting for my turn. 

Can someone please help?


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India is on the list here: so that is not the problem. 


At some point you missed your spot in que on chat or you got booted. Last time I used chat 3 weeks ago it was different than last year. If the blue status bar is not moving you are not in que. Once the status bar fills it will then go to a count down from 50 in line. It took 45 minutes for me this last time to get an agent. You would need to get back in line on chat. Your other options are messaging them on Twitter or Facebook messenger, for me Twitter I don't ever get a response and last time on FB I got a response within 45 minutes, 3 weeks ago it took 5 days. Good luck!

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@MPdid you find a solution?

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I am still unable to make international calls. Getting in touch with Visible customer care is as difficult as meeting the President, umm I guess even that’s easier. Highly disappointed.


I'm a Visible Plus Plan member since a year and haven't been able to ever call India. Pathetic customer support.