Iphone SE 2022 model number from Visible


I asked Visible online agent what's the model number for the iPhone SE 2022 to make sure it will work with the GSM network overseas after the phone has been unlocked. The agent refused to let me know but told me to buy the phone and figured it by myself. I know the iPhone SE 2022 (model # A2595) from the Apple store will work with both CDMA and GSM network. I wonder if anyone who has bought an iPhone SE 2022 from Visible directly and can tell me if Visible is selling iPhone SE 2022 model # A2595. The model number is printed on the back of the phone. Thank you!


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Not an iPhone user myself but I did a quick Google search for you and Generation 1 SE was made in 2016, Gen 2 was 2020 and Gen 3 was released this year for 2022. Since Visible sells the 2020 model the other model it sells should be the 2022 version because I highly doubt Visible would even sell the 2016 model as Verizon didn't start Visible until 2018.