Iphone cannot call or text Android or non-iOS devices


I just activated Visible on an iPhone 11, porting my number from Metro/T-Mobile. Everything seemed fine until I realized that no texts were being delivered to Android devices, though texts to iOS devices went through fine. Went through hours of chat support and downloaded 3 new eSIMS--each time it would work UNTIL I restarted the phone, at which point it would go back to no Android calling or texting. Support then told me to factory reset the iphone (and download another eSIM), and it worked through a restart this time, but a day later it was back to it's same troubles. 


I have seen a couple of references to similar problems on the forum, but no one seemed to have a successful fix. Any ideas?



Request the chat representative to send you a physical sim. iPhone 11 supports physical sim. It had worked for many others using physical sim.


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