Pixel 5a which plan?




I have the pixel 5a. I don't think it supports ultra wide band but am not totally sure. If it doesn't support ultra wide band is there any reason to get the 45 dollar plan over the 30 dollar one? 


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Only phones 5GUW phones can get the ultrawide band and only if it is available in your area and I don't think the 5a is compatible with UW. The UW is premium data all the time. From what I have read the plus plan advantage is that you would get 50GB if premium data on either the 4GLTE or 5G nationwide network. You would not be throttled back on data speeds during times of congestion until you use the 50GB up. It would be your choice if that is worth it.

Thanks! I do not have that model but the way I read the description of the plans agrees with what you said about it being not throttled for lte and 5g.