Is there activation today?

Novice III

I paid my bill then my service completely halted. I missed my payment deadline last night and they cut me off. I woke, realized and immediately paid.

nothing happened.


On the website it says thank you for paying your bill. It may take a few minutes to reactivate your service. Well that was like 12 hours ago. 

The website also says your bill is overdue. 

I figured the payment messed up so changed cards and tried again. I can’t try again. The payment screen never loads. I just get three bouncing dots. No option to do anything but watch three bouncing dots. 

I spent hours on chat with customer service and absolutely nothing has been done to fix the issue. 

I missed important work calls. My family can’t call me. Worse the message they get is that calls are restricted. So people think I’m blocking them!


Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve had nothing but trouble since the recent merger. Service coverage area dropped. I can’t use my phone around town. My family is complaining that the coverage area is suddenly bad. Now I can’t use my phone at all. It’s in sos mode.