Not able to receive texts on Samsung Galaxy S22


I recently bought a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S22) and switched to Visible, for about the first month did not have any issues.  Recently I cannot receive texts, but can send texts.  I can receive and send phone calls just fine.  I have to keep constantly restarting my phone to the texts to come through, any suggestions?


I am currently using Google Messages, I have tried the Samsung Messages and get the same issue after a while.  I have tried turning on/off the Visible eSim, resetting wifi and connections, etc.


I am not using a VPN, phone and all apps are to the latest updates


I think the issue is on Visible's end and not on my end, maybe it is an eSim card issue and I should get a physical sim card? Any help is appreciated.


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Came here to say same with S10e. Texts not coming in w/o restart. Phone calls not coming through. Voicemail app delays. Etc...

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Same issue with Samsung A53 and physical SIM. 


Same issue on s22 ultra. Anything help to fix?