Issues porting old number


I am having the worst time porting my old number to this visible service. It continues to give me the error that the zip code does not match. I have tried the billing zip code, my old zip code, and the zip code that my phone number is associated to. Still getting the error. Chat is the worst because I can’t even ask for the appropriate help. How can I bypass or fix this zip code issue so I can keep my phone number????



Hi @cnovak - The zip code should be your billing zip code.  I would recommend contacting your old carrier and making sure they don't have a port lock on the number (make sure it's released for porting) as that will also cause issues.  Once you do that, confirm the zip code and the account number with them.  Then you should be able to port over.  Hope you can get it sorted.

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It’s gonna be the zip code from the first address you had on file with the carrier you’re porting out of.


It took me three times to get the right one. We had our cell service at several locations. Third time was

the charm.