It's not possible to re-download an eSIM


I configured my iPhone with an eSIM when I first signed up for service.

I liked the service, but I didn't want to switch completely at that time. So, I stayed with my then-current provider, stopped auto-pay at Visible, and deleted the Visible eSIM configuration from my phone.

Long story short, a couple of weeks later, I changed my mind and decided to switch. There were some issues porting out from T-mobile, but they're resolved now.

However, even though my account is paid up, my eSIM isn't configured, so I can't get service. I've dug through every inch of the mobile app, but there is no way to re-configure an eSIM. That flow only starts when signing in for the first time. I have not been able to trigger it again, even by signing out.

Has anyone resolved this issue?



Update: I was able to resolve this issue by talking to support!

Support has been super helpful while I've been with Visible and I'm quite happy with it.

I still think this should be available directly in the app, but I'm glad there's a solution anyhow.