Let's play Find Dan A Phone!

Novice II

Since none of my recently retired phones are compatible, I'm looking for suggestions. Source doesn't matter much, but a warranty is preferred. 

From most to least important:

  • Condition
  • Cost
  • 6"+
  • Qi charging
  • Water resistance
  • Reception
  • Call clarity (including on speakerphone)
  • Brand
  • Easily rooted (custom ROMs a bonus)



The best option for you for a good price and a good phone is the Samsung galaxy A32 Five G or the Samsung galaxy A53  Five G the A32  is cheaper and you can even find it for $150 it's a good phone Big screen good condition long battery life fast charging and a  pretty good camera The a53 is similar to the S22 but a cheaper model The a53 has a very good camera you could find good deal on Amazon or eBay...

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Thanks for all the help so far. I'm also using phonescoops phone finder. It's becoming clear that I need to do it when I'm concentrating better, lol. It would also seem that the only way to determine compatibility is to have the seller run the IMEI through Visible's tool.

It's not so true because the problem only happens with old phones the newer phones shouldn't have a problem if it's US version and it's unlocked or it comes from Verizon The phones I mentioned before works with visible

Every phone that I checked (Pixel 3, LG V40, and similar) failed. Just as well though. While $25 unlimited is tempting, I think Ting's flex plan will work too because my monthly usage is usually low enough to offset the rare times it'll be high. It also has the advantage of working with my existing phone.

Sounds a great idea! you could also look into US mobile they have a plan $20 for 12GB of high speed data

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I have a new A32 unlocked works just fine with Verizon but refuses to work with Visible. It is a US version, originally bought from T-Mobile and compatible with all other carriers, except Visible. 

In short, you can not tell such phone will work until you try the sim card. 

A32 is not working with Visible. 

Very upsetting because the a32 is a good phone and a good price