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I have a Google Pixel 3XL purchased from Google so it is completely unlocked. I am currently using it on the Verizon prepaid Network and I want to know why visible says it will not work on their Network.


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I have the same issues with a phone I bought here last year and was looking for answers as to why it is not compatible a year later when trying to change to the new plan so I had contacted chat and was told my phone didn't have the right technology which was BS since Visible sells 3 budget models with 2-3 year old OS and that technology certainly can't be up to date. It is my opinion that there is a whitelist and a blacklist of IMEI numbers. The blacklist is every (android) phone out there that has not been sold by Visible in the year 2022. The whitelist is mostly unlocked iPhones even from other carriers and android phones that have only been sold by Visible this year. Again just my opinion whether it is true or not but what I can tell you is I tried about 2 dozen IMEI numbers of unlocked phone on eBay where the seller would give me or listed the IMEI number and the only one I found was one that was sold by Visible earlier this year and I actually bought it incase my old phone never becomes compatible by the time they make us current customers switch to one of the new plans and one other phone that said not compatible at this time, whatever that meant.


It is a long read but I did post a conversation I had a little over a month ago on here about the compatible issue problem and basically just got the run around. You can read about it here.