Moto 5g Stylus


1) I bought an unlocked Moto 5g Stylus from BestBuy. It worked flawlessly with my old visible plan(party pay).

2) Last week I was forced to upgrade to so called better plan with same rate($25) with free phone it works on new phone.

3) The problem is when I insert this new chip in Moto 5g Stylus only voice and text works. Hotspot could not be turned on. I get error message checking subscription and ask me to call Verizon. 

It worked with old chip and old plan but new chip blocks hotspot.

I tried everything but could not turn the hotspot. I like Moto 5g stylus (256gb) and continue to use it.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



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The issue is likely that it isn't a Visible model phone. Unless Best Buy sold you a Visible model phone the model numbers are different for the same phone that Visible sells. It has slightly different software programmed to it for phone made for Visible versus the same phone sold by Best Buy or the other big 3 service providers. I know this for a fact after chatting with Motorola customer service about 4 months ago about this issue with their phones not compatible on Visible even though they sell the same phone. If it is asking you to call Verizon did you buy the phone unlocked from BB. You can see if Visible customer service can help you out but if it is locked to Verizon there isn't much they can do.


Only thing I could suggest is trying to do a network reset, Visible will have you do the same and see if that fixes it. Make sure and change you hotspot name and password back because a network reset will erase that and add a new one. Other thing to try is doing a factory reset if you are willing to go that far.

Thank you for replying to my issue.

1) This phone Moto 5G Stylus worked on original $25 friends an family SIM card flawlessly for TALK TXT HOTSPOT EVERYTHING.

2) When visible forced in new VISIBLE plan the new SIM works just for talk text. HOT SPOT NOT WORKING

3) This new SIM does not allow hot spot to work. They sell the same phone. 

4) I spent 2-3 weeks chatting and it does not help.

Only visible can answer this issue.


I purchased a Motorola Stylus 5G 2023 phone from Best Buy, as I had a gift card.  I upgraded to Visible Plus a week ago.  I moved the SIM card from my old 2020 Stylus phone which was 4G LTE only.  The 2023 phone is working on the 5G network.  However, I tested the 5G speed against my iPhone that is on regular Verizon.  The Verizon phone was over twice as fast as the Visible phone, although same Verizon tower and Visible Plus is supposed to be at high priority data apeed until 50GB used up.  I hadn't reached 2GB yet.  I contacted Visible customer support.  They verified that I am on Visible Plus.  They asked for my Motorola 2023 IMEI number.  That came back as not compatible with Visible, so that is the reason that the 5G is slower than the Verizon phone.  However, Visible sells the same model phone on their web site.  So I believe that Visible is purposely not accepting Motorola phones not sold by them.  I also believe this because a friend of mine bought a Motorola Power 2021 phone from Amazon.  It worked fine under the old party pricing.  When Visible switched to individual pricing, his phone stopped working.  When he contacted Visible support, they told him that his phone is no longer compatible with Visible.  How can it work, but not be compatible?  It made no sense!  He ended up exiting from Visible, because the phone stopped working on their network.  Their BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) appears to be some kind of sick joke.  Not sure what is going on with all of this.