Moto G Power 2021 Bootloader Unlock Ability

Hello. Visible Mobile seems to be exactly what I've been looking for. I was looking to buy a Moto G Power 2021 and I like your price. I also like your carrier unlock policy. I develop custom Android systems as a hobby and must be able to unlock the bootloader. The Moto G Power 2021 is elligable for bootloader unlock as long as the carrier hasn't forced them not to. I know Verizon and Boost won't allow bootloader unlock on this device, but all other carriers that I'm aware of do. Is that possible on a Visible model? I actually already have a Moto G Power 2021 Factory Unlocked Version with an unlocked bootloader, but I broke the screen and it's unusable. If I can't unlock the bootloader on the Visible version, I am still interested in Visible, but I will buy and bring another Factory Unlocked Version. Thank You for any info you can give me on the subject.



You should contact support to answer this question. Support can best be reached by DM on Twitter & Facebook.


A few months ago, this question was answered here:


Unless the above has changed, the answer is likely still no. 

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