Moto g 2022


I bought my husband a new motor g 2022 with the intention of changing his service to visible. I failed to check compatibility but thought it would work since visible has moto g phones. When I enter the ime it is not compatible. Could it be because the phone is not yet activated?  I really like this phone and want it to work so badly. 



Visible does not support all Moto G devices. That being said, order the Visible SIM and try it- it may work

Thank you. I’m thinking I will return it and get a phone from visible.   I never have any luck when I try different things. (Such as the SIM card)

If the phone is US version it should work with visible I guess it's GSM  unlocked phone and it doesn't work with Verizon network,  Because all new phones that works with Verizon works with visible, Only old phones have the problem that it only works with Verizon and not with a visible. 

That is not true, Visible does not support all phones even if they work on Verizon.

2022 phones should work


To summarize, there are a couple options:


1) You can order a SIM and try and see if it works.  It may or it may not.  Visible seems to be a little lagging in getting current information in the compatibility checker, sometimes the user checker will say not compatible while the Visible staff checker says it is compatible.  Also, just because it works on day one does not mean it will always work as they update software on their end, or all features (texting, SMS,WIFI calling) will work flawlessly.

2) Second option is to get a phone that shows as compatible through Visible.

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