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The other day my phone (Galaxy S22+) lost visible service. I've tried restarting, airplane mode, reset network settings. Visible support wasn't helpful, the rep I was talking to was confused how I was still chatting with all my setting off( I was on my computer). I can only get texts and calls if I turn on wifi calling. My SIM works fine in another phone but the other SIM has the same issues when it's put in my phone. Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it? I'm sure resetting my phone to factory default would work but I want to keep that as a last resort. This happened to me before when I switched to visible but my phone has been working fine since.


This happened suddenly? or you took out the sim and used it in a different phone and now your returning it to the original phone?

 If this is the case Verizon network is very sensitive to Imei even though the representative is gonna tell you to do it sometimes it can make problems and there's nothing what to do about unless the representative could manually reset the network to the original imei.  I saw it with a lot of carriers under  Verizon  that had these problems. 

 You have to remember Verizon does not recommend  playing around with the SIM cards from one phone to the other

Yes it happened suddenly.  My phone was working fine at work but later that night after I got home it lost service.

If this SIM was activated on a different  imei That makes the problems But if it was activated on this phone it's a network issue And if the customer care can't help you there's nothing to do about it,  I've seen a lot of times these things happen with Verizon phones,  So if you have good customer service that can really look into the back end and see the problem then they might help you but if not there's no option you just have to port out the number.

So your saying there's an issue with my SIM and phone? My SIM is trying to connect to a different IMEI? And that's whats cause the issue? I bought my phone through Visible when I switched over.

Samsung recently released a new update check if you have update


Were you able to get this resolved, if so can you post how you did it.  It may be helpful to others that experience similar problems.

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