Motorola 5g Ace question.

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A friend of mine tried to buy me this phone as a gift. Visible told him I would have to buy it..


He bought me an unlocked version coming tomorrow.


This should work? Same phone Visible sells..


My first phone was an unlocked iPhone 6S that I bought from a 3'rd party vendor that I'm still using on Visible



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It should work though it is not on the official list of supported phones.  Since you already have an account you can just pull the sim from your 6s and put it in the moto and it should work right away.

Switched the phone over to T-Mobile so I won't be stuck on LTE...


Getting 281 Mbps download...   Happy... 


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oops.. He missed the letters "UW" Oh h#ll.

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Well the phone works.. But seems it's LTE only.


I have two of the Motorola One 5G UW phones they get 5G on t-mobile but NOT visible. I also have a Pixel 4A 5G and that does not get 5G also. Yes the town we tried it out in has verzion 5G.