Motorola Edge G5 UW not compatiable

I purchased a Motorola Edge from link in the Specs section for the phone on because it has 256 GB of storage rather than 128 GB. Thinking since it was a link provided by YOU, the phone should be compatible, but no. When I enter the IMEI, it is not compatible. It might be nice if you could check the phone before purchasing it to know if it will work. Oh wait, I clicked the link on your site.

Yes, I could return the phone and buy one from Visible, but then I lose half the storage capacity and the cost is about the same.

I wanted to like your service. I have friends that do, but at this point I can say, I am really disappointed in the "Bring Your Own Phone" non-option. Unless there is a suggestion/solution, I will be staying with my other discount plan (Republic Wireless). They don't have all the bells and whistles, but the phone will work.




Sorry to hear about your problems, while I am not an expert, I have heard of people reaching out to Visible chat and after checking with them their phone was deemed compatible.  Have you tried that route yet?


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