My new phone is not working today I spent lots of time to finally get it working yesterday it worked


My Renewed IPhone 12 after hours finally worked. It worked yesterday but this afternoon it stopped. I have NO phone in case of emergency and at 80 years old I cannot be without a phone. My old phone was dropping calls so I bought a renewed phone to replace it. Got it working but now Visible wants to send a verification code to my phone which is not working. HELP!! I am NOT getting text messages. 


Novice II

Sometimes it takes a day or two for sms messaging to start. I would start a chat with them and have them reprovision your phone. I would also check Reddit and Twitter to see if there are others with issues. And they have a Facebook page. Make sure you are on the actual Facebook page and post a comment there. They will get back to you.

I would also make sure you are updated and have checked google search for texting not working on your iPhone model. You could reset network settings on your iPhone as well. But anyway, chat with visible first. We’re just users in here like you. The chat is in the visible app or on the visible website .. good luck 


turn on and off (toggle) the airplane mode. Usually that works to restore connection.