My wife and I have been Consumer Cellular customers for over 10 years, but now that we both own smartphones, we would like to switch wireless phone carriers.  Can you please answer the following questions:


1.  What are your contract terms and options?

2.  What happens if we need help.... do you have a customer service department?

3.  Will our rates increase later this year if we purchase your current promotion now?

4.  Do you ship physical SIM cards before activation?

5.  Will you transfer our contacts or must we do it manually ourselves?

Thank you very much for your assistance.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Doug Stream





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There are no contracts, it is prepaid. It is a paid month by month service. There are two options the basic plan and the plus plan. You can find the details of each plan at These are single line plans so if you are bringing 2 phones you need 2 accounts, 2 email addresses but you can use the same form of payment for each.


Customer has no phone number to call. To contact them there is chat, Facebook messenger, Twitter, and also on Visible's Reddit page.


It is at Visible's discretion to raise prices but I think the current promo and discounts will be around at least a year maybe longer.


Physical SIM's are shipped FedEx next day, they require a signature so someone needs to be home. Once you get it you activate it through the Visible app.


I am not a a tech kind of person and from what I can tell your phone store the contacts. You should be able to check this by finding the contact icon on your phone. 


I will point out the community forums is peer to peer. You will need to check your phone to see if it will be compatible with Visible. You can check it here.

Novice II

Visible's customer service is non-existent. You will only chat with chatbots and AI-powered chats. If you need to get a human visit or file an FCC complaint and a person from Visible will actually call you back.